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Sports ETA’s white papers are designed to serve as a comprehensive resource for a range of timely and relevant topics. Authored by subject matter experts, these reports provide in-depth analysis of important industry topics and draw recommendations and considerations specific to sports events and tourism practitioners. 

To ensure that the content stays current and relevant, many of these white papers undergo regular updates as the landscape of the topic evolves. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the industry, these white papers provide a deep dive into the most pressing issues and offer valuable insights to help you stay informed and make informed decisions.

Sports Event housing

Optimize Team Housing & Grow Your Events

By Sports ETA & GPS + Playbook 365

Our latest white paper features 29 tips to optimize team housing and grow your events. In this white paper, five sports tourism pros share the top tactics in their playbooks. You’ll discover:

  • Game-changing practices to drive more revenue and offset expenses with hotel commissions and rebates
  • Quick tips for proving economic impact. So you can maximize destination support, including grants and cash sponsorships.
  • A simple method to pump up registration while working less.
  • 6 insider tips for scoring better hotel rates and more concessions. So you drive higher attendance.
  • Secrets to white glove service that turn customers into fans who are thrilled to come back
Released 2024

Expanded Definition of Success

By Al Kidd, Sports ETA & Dr. Jennifer Stoll, Stoll Strategies

This white paper challenges the narrow focus of measuring success for sports events and tourism organizations by only counting hotel room nights generated. It suggests that the industry needs to broaden its definition of success to include other metrics like enhancing brand perception and contributing to the quality of life of the community. This expanded definition is important for increasing funding, building ambassadorship, and organizational sustainability. The paper calls on the industry to embrace this expansion.
Released 2021

Rising Resident Sentiment

in the Sports Tourism Sector

By Sports ETA, Longwoods International, & Dr. Blake Price

Longwoods International expanded its 2022 National Resident Sentiment Study in order to determine how the general public perceived various factors related to sports events and tourism, including: Economic development, quality of life, opportunities for exposure, health and wellness, and “over-tourism.”
Released 2022

Evaluating Resident Sentiment

to Inform the Development of Sports Tourism

By Sports ETA, Longwoods International, & Dr. Blake Price

To gain insight into the relationship between sports events and tourism, it’s crucial to examine how local residents view sports and events. With this objective in mind, Sports ETA has partnered with Longwoods International, a leading authority on travel sentiment research, to conduct the inaugural benchmark assessment of resident attitudes toward sports tourism.
Released 2020

Understanding & Leveraging Legalized Sports gambling

in the United States

By Jackie Reau, Game Day

Legalized sports betting has positive impacts on revenue and fan engagement among sports, including women’s sports and niche events. Follow state legislation related to sports wagering and learn where and how it intersects the sports events and tourism industry.
Released 2020

How Sports Tourism Organizations can positively Affect Their Communities

By Dr. Jennifer Stoll, STS, Stoll Strategies 

This study provides insight into the goals of sports tourism organizations by analyzing their mission statements. It sheds light on the diverse outcomes that these entities seek to achieve and offers guidance on how to leverage them to benefit your community. 
Released 2019

Transgender Legislation
& Sports Tourism

By Jackie Reau, Game Day

The participation of transgender and transsexual people in competitive sports is a controversial issue. This white paper will dive into the current status and economic impact of the Transgender Bill Legislation. 
Released 2022

Maximizing Event Sales

by Understanding Three Core Decision Making Factors

By Dr. Jennifer Stoll, STS, Stoll Strategies 

If you’re seeking effective strategies to boost your event sales, check out this report. It provides valuable insights into how buyers make decisions and features a real industry case study that has produced impressive results.
Released 2019