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2023 Sports Desination Leader Report

Are you considering a career change or curious about the salary range for staff in your industry? Discover what you or your colleagues should be earning. Sports ETA regularly conducts comprehensive research surveys to examine compensation levels for professionals in the sports events and tourism industries across various fields. Stay up-to-date with the latest insights and make informed decisions about your career path.

Sports ETA and SearchWide Global released the 2023 Sports Destination Leaders Salary, Compensation and Benefits Report led by researchers from Stoll Strategies, sponsored by the Northstar Meetings Group. The benchmark study provides an overall look at the employment landscape for the $39.7 billion sports events and tourism industry among sports destinations while offering a resource to organizations with actionable information. 

Release Date: March 2023 

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We extend our sincere gratitude to Northstar Meetings Group for their valuable sponsorship, enabling us to provide this comprehensive report.

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